Friday, September 4, 2009

What time is it??

I made it! After lots of good luck traveling on two planes, two trains and a shuttle, I arrived at my dorm, York House, at the University of Sussex in Falmer. I also got to check off another state that I've been to after spending three hours in the Atlanta Airport (if you were wondering, my last American meal was at Arby's). Then came the super long flight but my seatmate was very friendly and talkative and recommended some places to visit. They showed 17 Again and Star Trek and I watched both. They also fed us like there was no tomorrow and I ended up getting a stomach ache near the end of the journey :(. But then I was in England- we arrived at dawn and it was absolutely gorgeous! Unlike the farms I'm used to seeing out plane windows, there were no straight lines, and you could see lights twinkling in the little country houses scattered about the countryside. Getting through customs was a lot easier than I expected and my baggage was practically waiting for me when I got to the "baggage reclaim." Carrying all my luggage turned out to be the hardest part of my journey- those bags are heavy (and I'm on the third floor of my dorm so it was a challenge!) I met a couple of other Americans in the airport and we all took the trains together to Falmer where we were picked up and taken in two minutes to the University! I'm glad I know a couple people but right now I don't know where they are and I'm hungry for lunch! Good thing I packed four granola bars! All day as I've been unpacking I've been VERY confused as to the time since none of my electronic devises had it right. I've got my computer set now, but my international mobile phone is way off so I'll have to try to fix that. Also, it took me about an hour to connect to the internet here- it was very frustrating, but I hopefully won't have to do that again, and now I can post updates for all of you!

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  1. It all looks very cute, it reminds me of our rooms in Scotland! And, those are some good movies that they were showing!

    PS you posted that at 452AM!!!
    PPS I miss you lots, but can't wait for more updates!