Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Bright Day in Brighton

Sorry this post was a bit delayed- the internet is very slow and unreliable! I didn’t have class today (Tuesday), but I did have some reading to do, so I decided the best place to do my reading was at the beach. It was another gorgeous day outside, so I hopped on the bus and took it down to the Brighton Pier. I read for a while on the pebble beach and watched all the other people swimming and lounging about. I heard one guy say “back to the ol’ grindstone” as he left which was quite amusing. Of course, I had to dip my feet in the ocean, even though the water was really cold! I finished reading Alice in Wonderland and decided to get a snack- so I got chips and ice cream right on the beach. Then I decided to explore the Pier itself, and found it full of food stands, arcade games and carnival rides! I unsuccessfully tried my hand at a game or two and would like to go back sometime to ride some of the rides. Next, I wandered over to the Royal Pavilion, one of the major landmarks of Brighton, and took a couple pictures (certain people might want to note the flowers). My next stop was Churchill Square, which is a big shopping center. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember how to get there, so I wandered around for a good thirty minutes or more until I came upon it. I noted later as I rode the bus home that if I had turned right instead of left at one intersection I could have cut my journey by about thirty minutes or more. Oh well, I worked off those chips alright! Some of you may know that I am not a big shopper and be questioning my desire to find a shopping center. Well, don’t worry, the real reason I wanted to go to Churchill Square was that I found out about the Build-A-Bear Workshop there! It was my one stop in the mall, but sadly I did not find a good English shirt for a certain special bear. I was getting pretty tired by this point, so I hopped on the bus and headed back to campus. A couple of hours later, I joined the rest of my program as we headed back into Brighton for Karaoke night at a pub there. It was fun, but there was no singing done on my part! Tomorrow I have class at 9am, so it’s back to the ol’ grindstone for me…until Thursday when I have another free day!

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  1. I wish I could have gone to the pebble beach and Build a Bear with you, it sounds so exciting!! miss you!!!