Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour on Labor Day

Today was the first day of my British Children's Lit class. It was two hours long (which was a bit rough for getting into classroom mode) but I'm loving the topic! There are only eight people in my class and only two of us are English majors. We only meet a total of eight times before the end of the class, so just this week I have to read three whole books (Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden, oh and 5 chapters of David Copperfield), do a presentation in class on Friday, and we're having a viewing party of The Railway Children and The Chronicles of Narnia on Wednesday night! BUT I have all of Tuesday and Thursday off! I think it will be a good month to go exploring! It still doesn't feel like I'm at school. After class today, I went to ASDA, which is owned by Walmart for some supplies. I got most of what I needed and some more food- this whole cooking for myself thing is an adventure! After my trip to ASDA (which is near the Marnina, so I got to see the sea!) I came back to the University just in time to join in on a tour of Brighton, which is a good sized city just a couple miles outside of the University, and on the coast! The tour was a bit long and I don't think I'll remember half the places they pointed out, but then I got Chinese food for dinner! I miss Crabrangoons (and doughnuts from our buffet place at home) but I'm glad there is at least Chinese food to be found! I promise I'll eat English food eventually though! I definitely want to visit Brighton more extensively in the future espcially to take pictures of some gardens we passed through at the Royal Pavillion. The weather was really nice today- in the 60s! I hope this continues tomorrow so I can do some of my reading outside, but I'll take an umbrella just in case!

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