Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Stroll

I had a chance to sleep in today, and then joined one of our program leaders and a good number of students on a Sunday Stroll around campus. I was a little worried, thinking this might turn into a hike, but was informed we would end up getting food, or Sunday Roast as they call it, so I was a little more excited after that. We took a picturesque hike in the fields and woods around campus and explored the village of Falmer which is actually very small and quaint. We stopped at the pub there and we all got food. Most people got Sunday Roast, but I decided to get a jacket potato (baked potato) with cheese and bacon. It was delicious! We then walked back to our dorm through campus and Rachel and I decided to go grocery shopping. This was our second time shopping at Sainsbury (the supermarket) and we knew our way around a lot better. I ended up spending about the same amount of money as the first time I went shopping, so it seems I may need to go shopping about once a week to get fresh items. My favorite purchase was a High School Musical cake on sale for two pounds. Because I bought the cake, I informed some friends that I would be having a mini early birthday party that night. I had plans to get a lot done school-work wise that afternoon before the party, but ended up Skyping my family for over an hour because Marissa was home and I wanted to watch the Chiefs game with them. I did get a lot checked off of my to-do list though, and even had time to bake some cookies for the party. I invited about ten people and played music from High School Musical and the Jonas Brothers while we ate the delicious cake. Jena and I even performed the Hoedown Throwdown once! Overall, I would say that it was a very successful last minute early birthday party.

The picture above was taken on a hill above campus. It shows campus in the foreground with Brighton and the beach in the background. Below is my cake and cookies for the party.

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  1. LU!! I am so glad I am mentioned in this post, it makes me feel special! hehe. And, I wish I could have come to your birthday party! Guess what? I got your postcard last night!!! And of course, I hung it up on my board, you know the one I am talking about!