Thursday, September 10, 2009

Leed's Castle

Another day off and another adventure! A girl in my class planned a trip to Leed’s Castle in Kent and invited the rest of us along, so five other girls (three from class and two others) and I set off for Kent this morning at nine. It was about a two hour train ride, but by the time we got there, the sky had cleared, the sun had come out and it was the perfect day for exploring a castle! Although the weather does change its mind quite rapidly here- there would be moments when I was freezing and moments when I was hot. On the grounds, there were gardens, duck ponds, peacocks, a moat, a maze, a dog collar museum, and of course the castle. We explored them all! In the gardens, I felt a bit like I was in the secret garden, but probably because I had read the book for class on the train there. The castle was very neat and I referenced Harry Potter too many times to count! We headed back in the late afternoon; I made myself dinner, and then went to work planning out my presentation for class tomorrow. After that, I hung out with some other friends and we talked about how sad it was that the Americans just don’t know what to do with their free time since we’re only taking one class right now and we’re not allowed to work a job. I’m not complaining though, I’m thoroughly enjoying this relaxing and fun part of my study abroad trip!

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