Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day trip to LONDON!

My first time visiting London was very successful! We left around 8:20 this morning and rode on a bus about two hours into the city. Our first stop was McDonalds for breakfast which all the Americans found quite amusing. Then we walked around the city for a couple hours (led by atwo of the guys leading our program) before stopping at Trafalgar Square for lunch. Jena and I decided not to be too adventurous in our eating so we got Subway for lunch and ate it on the steps of the square- a little cross culture! Then we walked around for another couple of hours before heading back down to the Thames for a river cruise. Our guide was funny with his English sense of humor and we covered any sites we didn't quite make on foot. There is just too much to cover in words, but we saw everything from the Millenium Bridge (featured in the sixth Harry Potter book- not everyone was as completely excited as I was) to St. Paul's Cathedral (beautiful on a Sunday morning) to Buckingham Palace! I wanted to take a picture of everything! Included are a few of my favorite pictures. See more at:

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