Thursday, October 29, 2009

A visitor and a cold

Sunday I was back in Brighton and Jena and I went to see the Brighton Orchestra together for one of her classes. It was nice but we were definitely the youngest ones there by quite a few years! Then of course we got milkshakes. Class was fine this week- nothing too exciting. Outside of school though, a neighbor from home/friend from elementary school, Frances, visited me! She is studying in Florence and Paris and came to Brighton for part of her break between the two programs. She got in Monday night but unfortunately, I developed a severe cold the next day! I was still able to show her some of the sights of Brighton and we toured the inside of the Royal Pavilion (one of the principal landmarks of Brighton) and walked on the Pier. That night we made dinner together and it was super delicious and way more elaborate than anything I’ve cooked on my own so far! Then we went to karaoke night at the King and Queen pub with some of the other international students. Wednesday I had class while Frances explored Brighton on her own and then we went to Amy’s field hockey game together. We then went out to Brighton for dinner at this giant oriental buffet (not nearly as good as Fire Wok but the desserts were good!) and then stayed in and watched a movie for the night. Frances left Thursday morning and I went to the health centre on campus because I was tired of being sick. I think it’s the change in climate and different germs, but I’ve been sick almost this entire month with one cold or another. They suggested some medicine for me and it’s been helping, but I’m planning of taking it easy the rest of this week. Thursday night I carved my pumpkin, Sir Alfred, so that I’m all ready for Halloween!

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