Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rain and Shine

Sorry for the delay in posting but I don’t want to bore anyone with the trivialities of my life, so from here on out I’ll probably update every few days with the highlights. I didn’t have any class Thursday or Friday so I tried to enjoy it while still getting work done. The reading I have to do here isn’t usually handed to students like it is at home. For one of my classes, I spend a good two hours simply finding online or copying or checking out from the library all the reading for Monday. It’s frustrating but that’s just the way it’s done here I guess. Outside of school work, I went into Brighton to do some shopping both Thursday and Friday with different groups of friends which was fun even if I didn’t really buy anything (except a few things at the pound store!). Thursday night I went to dinner in Brighton for a friend’s birthday and Friday night I went to a pub with some friends. While the weather has had its sunny moments, it’s still been pretty rainy at times too. I’m almost completely over my cold and have been drinking a lot of Cadbury hot chocolate to keep warm. In more exciting news, I’m still getting birthday presents and cards in the mail (thanks everyone!!) since it takes a good two to three weeks for me to get anything from the States. But that’s okay, I like checking my mail everyday in anticipation! I don’t have any exciting plans for the weekend other than relaxing and getting work done.

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