Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another London Weekend!

Thursday I attempted to do homework until it was time to leave for London. I got into London around dinner time so I met Aishlinn (a friend of mine since I was twelve!) at her place and she made a delicious dinner for me (she’ll be upset if I don’t put in a disclaimer that the quiche was cheap at the grocery store, but I was very impressed by the salad she made me- it was made from several ingredients!). Then I headed to the tube station to make my way over to the football game which had been arranged for us by ACCENT (WashU’s London orientation program). I met a nice family on the tube who was going to the game, so they made sure I didn’t get lost. I met up with the other London WashU students at the game and we had a great time. The game was really intense-Europeans really do take their football seriously-we cheered for Fulham over Roma. There were two brothers on opposing teams who wore the same number which I thought was adorable! Fulham was winning 1-0 until a goal in the last minute of the game made it a tie. I was a little sad until I saw the brothers celebrating together, and then I remembered I wasn’t a real Fulham supporter, more like a borrowed supporter. I’m a fan now though!

On Friday Aishlinn and I hung out together. She showed me where she goes to class at LSE and we did some shopping at Oxford Circus. I made sure that we stopped in the Disney Store. I was also excited about my first experience at Argos, a store where you order out of catalogues. Aishlinn and I had dinner with her friend Matt and then we hung out with some of her flat mates and her other friend who was visiting from Italy.

Saturday I met up with the WashU students again for a tour of Greenwich with Angie, our awesome tour guide who did the London tour. We took a river cruise down the Thames and had lunch at his lovely outdoor market. I had some mulled apple cider to get into the fall season. Then we hiked up a hill to the Prime Meridian line and I stood in two places at once! It was a lovely day but unfortunately, London transportation was not on the same page as I was and due to closings, delays and work on different tube lines, it took me two hours, two buses and two tubes to get back to Aishlinn’s place so that I could pick up my bag and head back to Victoria Station to get on my train to Brighton. It was quite the evening. I made it back to campus without any problems though. Overall a very good London weekend!

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