Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The weekend was both relaxing and productive. Rachel’s friends were still in Brighton visiting, so we had dinner with them at an Italian restaurant with a crazy waiter Saturday night. Then Rachel and I went in search of a pub that was showing rugby, but it turns out Saturday night is football night, we were unsuccessful in our search. Sunday some of the Sussex in September people went on a hiking trip to Seven Sisters but I was supposed to have a WashU friend from London come down to Brighton that day so I didn’t go. My friend ended up cancelling and I ended up getting a lot of work done instead. Rachel’s friends had told us about this delicious milkshake place they had found in Brighton, so we went back into Brighton (we bought week bus passes and wanted to get our money’s worth!) to find Shakeaway, bringing Nick and Joya with us. Shakeaway’s gazillion and half flavors are intimidating, but Rachel and I quickly decide this is our new favorite place. I also tried to watch the Chiefs game online, but the closest I could get was a play-by-play view but I was super excited when the won! And then of course my weekly Skype date with my parents Sunday night.
Monday I had my two classes, with a presentation in Jane Austen class which I think went well. Then I did my Wordsworth homework for class on Wednesday. Because I find Wordsworth class so intimidating, I also went in to talk to the instructor, and I think it helped. After this I still had plenty of time on Tuesday to go back to the milkshake place with Rachel! Tuesday night, some of my floormates and I (Jena, Amy and Anne) made breakfast for dinner together with bacon, hashbrowns, eggs and really flat and thin pancakes! It was a lot of fun and then we watched 17 Again together. Wednesday was Wordsworth class and I felt much more comfortable. Then Rachel and I attempted to go watch the school rugby team play but there were no other spectators so we felt too uncomfortable to stay. Clearly our rugby fandom is going to need some work. Throughout the week I’ve been attempting to catch up on my American TV shows, but I’m not allowed to watch them from their own websites from abroad, so I have to be creative in finding the shows and it’s such a pain! It takes about two hours to watch one 42 minute show! Good thing I’m good at multitasking (which is what I’m doing right now!)

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