Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving week

Apologies again for being SO behind but with only two weeks of class left and 10,000 words to turn in, I’ve been a bit busy. Here are the highlights of last week:
Saturday night (Nov 21): We ate delicious early-birthday cake and then I watched the end of the WashU men’s basketball and WU women’s volleyball games online via live stats; the men won their game, and the women won their national championship! It was very exciting and I can’t wait to get back to WashU and go to basketball games and the volleyball celebration.
Sunday: Jena and I went to the Brighton Orchestra to see them play music from Harry Potter, the Snowman, and the Nutcracker. Jena’s two friends from home arrived and they, Jena, me, and Amy all made tacos together for dinner in a smoky kitchen because our hall-mate Peter had accidentally tried to burn the kitchen down by cooking noodles without water. Then I went to see New Moon (again) with Afua. It was still awesome.I was a little stressed Sunday night trying to get my reading done for Monday but finally managed it.

Afua at New Moon!

Monday: I had my two classes and it was Jena’s birthday. She went out with some friends but I stayed in and ended up having a dance party with my friend Afua who taught me the dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies which was a crazy good time.

Tuesday: I got work done and talked to two different instructors about my final papers. Then I went to tea with Nick and Serene in Lewes and then we came back to our dorm and had a frozen pizza party. It’s nice to switch up who I do things with. Then I buckled down and wrote some paper. I got a little intimidated by the sheer amount of work I have left to do so I scheduled each day until my departure with a piece of work.

Wednesday: I had Wordsworth class which was painful because I was tired, only part of the class was there and the teacher was disgruntled because of Sussex teacher politics. But then Wednesday after class Jena and her two friends (Bryce and Dan) and I all went to Lewes (the town over) and toured the castle there and saw where Thomas Paine lived before he moved to the States. Then we came back for dinner and Jena, Amy and I decided to go to Athens for our final weekend together! They’re my American floor-mates and we had wanted to all go on a trip together and this is our last chance! I also Skyped with my family (and Allison!) for a couple of hours while they baked which was awesome. Then Amy and I went to the library and worked for a few hours but then I left (during a break in the giant thunderstorm) while Amy pulled an all-nighter.

Jena and I at Lewes Castle

Thursday (Thanksgiving): Luckily I don’t have class on Thursdays so it was a like a holiday even though the English didn’t know it was Thanksgiving. In the morning I made mashed potatoes (about 20 large potatoes worth) all by myself (although I was cooking in the kitchen with Nick). I decided I deserved a day off so I took a nap and then headed to the American pot-luck Thanksgiving. Let’s just say that I ate enough to make Thanksgiving proud. Then I came back to my room and watched YouTube videos with some friends.

Weekend updates from Belfast to come soon!

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