Monday, November 9, 2009

Oxford and Cadbury World (Chocolate Frogs)

I had a pretty relaxing day on Friday, finished my paper and went up to London where I stayed the night with another girl from WashU because we had to get up early on Saturday to meet up with Angie for our tour of Oxford. We had our own little bus for the five WashU students going on the tour and drove the under two hour trip to Blenhiem Palace. This great big house is where Winston Churchill was born. It was gorgeous and had the nicest library (Beauty and the Beast style). We then took this little train through the grounds to the “Pleasure Gardens” where we attempted the second largest hedge maze in England. We got stopped by a giant puddle and a time constraint but had a good time anyway. We then walked back to our bus and rode the short trip to Oxford. We were on our own for lunch, so we found this cute outdoor French market and had brie and a baguette for lunch! Then Angie showed us all the highlights of Oxford. We saw the pubs where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien used to hang out together and Lewis Carroll’s sheep shop from Alice in Wonderland. We then toured Christ College and saw the Great Hall featured in the Harry Potter movies! I stayed overnight in Oxford with a friend from WashU and the next morning, we hopped on a train to Bournville, home of Cadbury World, the original Cadbury factory! We met up with Erik, my dance teacher’s son, and a friend of his to tour the factory. We got three free candy bars and a cup of melted chocolate (we could pick a topping to put in it so I put some Jelly Babies in there). We saw where they package the candy and learned all about the history of Cadbury. We even rode a really creepy ride, tried to understand the complex children’s games on the playground and browsed the world’s largest Cadbury candy store! Then Steve and I headed back to Oxford where I had to hop on a train back to Falmer. It was a pretty awesome day, even if I did spend half of it on trains!

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