Sunday, November 22, 2009

All my favorite American things in British form

North Street in Brighton with Christmas lights
Last Sunday I did homework and then watched the WashU men’s basketball team take on our first opponent of the year. The online quality of the video left something to be desired but it was worth it to see the game! I can’t wait to get home and watch basketball live! I also watched the end of the Chiefs game (play by play, not live) online and we won as I was skyping with my parents which was exciting! Monday I had class and registered from classes new semester at WashU. Then a bunch of the American students went up on a hill outside of the campus Monday night to try and see the meteor shower. Even though the sky cleared up we didn’t have any luck seeing anything. Tuesday I went to the farmer’s market on campus for fresh fruit and prepared my presentation in Wordsworth class which I had on Wednesday. I’m glad that’s over with! Right after class on Wednesday I had to catch the bus to Brighton to have lunch with someone sent down from Accent. We went to a nice Italian restaurant and I had a great conversation with Natasa who went to grad school at WashU and now works for Accent. After a delicious chocolate pudding with ice cream dessert, we parted ways and I did some relaxing shopping at the pound store and at the bookstore for thank you and birthday cards. Wednesday night I hung out with a couple different groups of friends in the dorm. Thursday the groceries we ordered from ASDA (owned by Wal-Mart) were delivered so now I have food! I also spend a good part of the day working on my final paper for my Jane Austen class. I’m trying to write part of the paper each week as we read each novel. Thursday night was the lighting of the Christmas lights in Brighton, not very exciting compared to the Plaza lighting, but I saw Santa and he gave me a water bottle. I then went out to dinner with some friends at a different Italian restaurant before meeting up with some other friends from dessert at yet another Italian restaurant! The second group of friends and I then headed over to the movie theatre to see the midnight premiere of New Moon which was amazing!! I went with a group of Americans and we were all a little upset that it didn’t start directly at 12:01 but more at 12:20. Luckily, they skipped previews and went right into the movie which was slightly appeasing. I slept in on Friday because I was up so late the night before and then decided to take a day off so I watched some youtube! Then I jumped on a train to London, met my friend Alyssa there, and went to the Jonas Brothers Concert!!! I guess the English have a different concept of time than us because the concert started an hour late, but there were no opening acts. It’s like they cut out the stuff that makes waiting worthwhile and just make you wait. But the Jonas Brothers were awesome and I’m glad I went. Super sadly, we had to leave really early in the concert to catch the last train from London to Brighton. I was just glad I had already seen them in concert this summer or I might have been really disappointed. Saturday Nick and I went to a coffee shop in Brighton and I got some reading done. Then I baked a cake as an early surprise for Jena’s birthday so that it would be here when she got back from her trip to Amsterdam!

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