Thursday, December 3, 2009

Second to last week at Sussex, already??

my dorm building (with Amy and Jena):
Monday was pretty productive; I went to my two classes and got a bunch of stuff that needed doing out of the way. I did some more reading of The Prelude (turns out 400 pages of poetry isn’t that fun) and hung out with my neighbors Jena and Peter. Tuesday (I was super excited to start my Advent Calendars!) I finished The Prelude and then went to the library and wrote my 2000 word paper. I came back to the dorm for Girl’s Night with Jena and Amy and we had dinner together and hung out. Wednesday I went to Wordsworth class and then Jena and I went to Amy’s last field hockey game. Since I had been so productive the day before I decided to take the day off so Jena and I watched a movie and then Rachel, Afua and Kat came over for a craft night. Thursday I needed to get back to work so after Nick and I got crepes for lunch, we went to library and I worked for five hours straight getting my Wordsworth paper in a state that it could begin to be written. Then I went out to dinner in Brighton with Rachel, Afua and Joya. Friday it’s off to London and then Saturday and Sunday in Athens!

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